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Dealing with the Cost of Car Repair

It is one thing to get a car and another to maintain it. Cars have personality, and you need to understand yours. You need to know what is suitable for your vehicle and what will cause damage to it. Several car owners neglect maintenance, thereby making their cars vulnerable. Lack of care reduces the performance of a car. It also triples the chances of a car breaking down at the worst possible time. We should not forget that a car is a machine so it will need repair at some points. When the check engine sign glows, you know you have to see a mechanic.

Here are some factors that may affect the cost of car repair


The issue of maintenance cannot be overemphasized. Many car owners have side-lined maintenance with the excuse that it's more economical. Well, this is a typical example of “penny wise, pound foolish.” You think you are saving money by skipping maintenance. In reality, you are compounding the car's problems and increasing the cost of repair by double.

The type of insurance you have will determine how much you will spend on repairs. Many people do not see the need to get car repair insurance. They get regular insurance, and that’s it. Car repair insurance does not only cover accidents. It covers the unexpected breakdown of the vehicle. It saves you from the financial impact of car repair when you least expect it.

Manufacturers provide a warranty period. It is usually for three years. In those three years, the cost of repair is low. Extended Warranty is different from manufacturer warranty. Unlike the manufacturer's warranty, it covers the cost of repairs due to regular use. They are offered by a third party company and protect almost any vehicle.

The higher the tech of a car, the more money to be spent on repairs. Regular mechanics may not be able to understand and fix high tech cars. The cars have to be taken back to the manufacturer. This will definitely cost more. Despite the cost, some car owners feel more comfortable using the manufacturer. They are sure to get their car back in a good state with no part missing.

The cost of repairing a car increases with its years. The price of repair is lowest in the first three years. In the next five years, it would have doubled. By the time a car is approaching its tenth year on the road, repair costs are higher. At this point, it also requires consistent maintenance checks. The repair cost of a car is lower in the first few years because most companies offer a warranty period. It may also include a free maintenance routine check.

The brand of a car affects the cost of repair. Toyota is price-friendly in terms of cost of maintenance and repair. BMW and Mercedes-Benz are very expensive to maintain and repair. If you lose sleep over the cost of repair, the ideal choice will be Toyota products.

Research has shown that the only way to reduce the cost of car repair is maintenance. Regular maintenance goes a long way in keeping your car in good condition. As your car increases in age, frequency of maintenance should also increase. Immediately the engine alerts you to a fault, get a mechanic to look at it. Managing it will only delay the inevitable break down of the car. Repair insurance or an extended warranty offers more protection even to older vehicles.
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